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Academician in the eyes of the titanium industry in China and the way out
Dec 05, 2016

Titanium production, but low levels of processing, the embarrassment of low added value, China is actively promoting the revitalization of the titanium industry. All-round expansion of applications of titanium at the same time, we will also focus on the chemical industry, electric power, bio-medical engineering, marine engineering and demand a better and more promising areas of application, and strive to achieve "quality of high-end, low cost, digital technology, full of green" goal, which gradually developed into a titanium power.

Current economic downward pressure, entrepreneurs of titanium industry in China also in March. I think that as long as the direction to determine the transformation and upgrading of the change and put into practice, will usher in the revitalization of the titanium industry and brilliant.

Today, the total amount of titanium alloys, representing the advanced nature of the aviation industry. Civil airliner, A350XWB titanium alloy 14%, Boeing's 787 titanium alloy 15%; military aircraft, US military C-17 dosage 10.3%,F-35 dosage 27%,F-22 titanium alloy of titanium alloys and titanium alloys even 41%. This area, also have made great progress in our country, whether it be civil or military aircraft, both body and engine, titanium has significantly improved.

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