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Performance of titanium
Dec 05, 2016

Low density, high specific strength

The density of titanium 4.51g/cm3, higher than aluminum and lower than that of iron, copper, nickel, but strength in metals of the first. ­

Corrosion resistance

Titanium is a very reactive metal, its equilibrium potential is very low, the Thermodynamics of corrosion in the medium, but Titanium is very stable in many media, such as titanium oxide, neutral and weakly reductive medium is corrosion-resistant. This is because the titanium and has a great affinity for oxygen, in the medium of air or oxygen, titanium produces a dense, strong adhesion, inert oxide film protects the titanium from corrosion, even if due to mechanical wear and tear will soon heal itself or regenerating.

Non-magnetic, nontoxic

Titanium is non-magnetic metal, nor in the great magnetic field become magnetized, nontoxic and has good compatibility with human tissue and blood, and so is adopted by the medical profession. 

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