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Possible ways to reduce the cost of titanium and titanium alloy material and process
Dec 05, 2016

Lower raw material costs

Titanium metals with high melting point, property is very lively, with elements such as O,H,N and c has a strong chemical affinity, resulting in pure titanium extraction difficult. Commonly used for industrial production of titanium sponge by Kroll magnesium reduction. Production of titanium sponge by Kroll magnesium reduction process of complex, high energy consumption, long cycle, and not continuous production, meanwhile, needed a lot of magnesium metal as the reducing agent, high production costs. At present, the molten CaCl2, developed by University of Cambridge in the direct electrochemical reduction of TiO2 technology breakthroughs, production of titanium sponge in the short production cycle, and decrease production cost 40%.

Titanium alloys mostly at high prices as an alloying element of v to increase strength, and these alloying elements are added to Al-X as master alloy. Replaced with cheap alloying elements such as Fe, Cr v elements, is an effective way to reduce the cost of titanium alloys. For example: United States titanium Industrial Corporation (Timet) developed by Ti-1.5Al-6.8Mo-4.5Fe and Ti-6Al-1.Fe-0.1Si.

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