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TC4 plate rolling and cutting process
Dec 05, 2016

(1) if it is semi-automatic cutting, the guides should be placed on the titanium plate, then place the cutters in the guideway, note the order cannot be reversed.

(2) cutting parameters to fit, should be reasonable according to the thickness of the titanium plate in order to obtain good cutting results.

(3) cut Tsui to check if is unblocked, if block should dredge in a timely manner.

(4) titanium plate in front of the cutting, surface should be cleaned and there is a space, which can be beneficial to slag blowing out.

(5) the cutting nozzle and the distance between surface of titanium plate to fit too close too far away is not good.

(6) the preheating plate full, so as not to affect the process of cutting.

(7) when cutting workpieces of different sizes, then you should cut small pieces and big.

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