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Titanium alloy power third-generation nuclear power technologies, reduce the cost, weight loss results
Dec 05, 2016

As early as 2013, 725 to track this project is under construction. In June this year, 725 of what is learned in the renovation of siphon, original designs using Super duplex steel material weight is heavy, poor performance and other problems. It is understood that the huge amount of steel used in the nuclear power plant equipment and a wide range of complex shapes. Although the steel structure material with high strength advantages such as, seismic performance, short construction period, but because of their poor corrosion protection, corrosion, mostly in coastal wet areas, high structural safety requirements for nuclear power plants, reduced how antiseptic is one big problem. After you learned the problem, 725 on the same day the establishment of the project team, working overtime to prepare material for argument, they sent the next day to participate in nuclear engineering and Shanghai Design Institute of nuclear engineering live sessions, and character of titanium alloy materials, technology, economy and delivery are arguments one by one. 725 development of titanium alloy material has a low density, high strength, corrosion resistance and other advantages, special work environment is suitable for nuclear power plants. Super final, 725 titanium alloy replacement programme of Super duplex stainless steel materials is the expert group unanimously approved. In just 20 days of delivery period, 725 delivered weighing 13.6 metric tons of titanium alloy products for the next unit test provides strong technical support.

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