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Titanium Valley Forum Baoji titanium industrial layout of three new trends
Dec 05, 2016

The new "Titanium" potential. Companies have been trying to hold, and is committed to the development and manufacture of titanium and titanium alloys, lent by the peer. First half of 2016, major news media have reported that the new trend Beijing ping Taniishi slot titanium structural engineering landscape, display 4500 meter diving shell "Twelve-Five" exhibition. New products and trends, domestic media attention on behalf of titanium industries has a new focus, a new temperature, marked the development of titanium industry in China, the new "Titanium" the emergence of potential.

New directions. Although China titanium industry called the Sunrise, but due to many reasons for the price, and the application of product, which is not known, many people cannot be considered to be use of titanium products are "luxuries. "From outdoor titanium products to medical equipment will be reflected, for example, titanium bikes, titanium trekking pole price, titanium implant material prices high, not the masses. This is the new direction of titanium industry.

A new future. Titanium industry has been considered the industry, development prospects, we cannot help thinking.

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