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2024 For The Typical Hard Aluminum, Copper, Magnesium And Aluminum Alloys
Dec 05, 2016

2024 is typical of Al-Cu-mg series alloy, its composition is fairly reasonable, a good comprehensive performance. Many countries produce this alloy, hard aluminum-most commonly used. Its characteristics are: high strength, has some excellent heat resistance and can be used as replacement parts for 150 ° c. Temperatures higher than 125 ° c, higher strength than 7075 alloy of 2024 alloy. Under hot new quenching, annealing and formability are quite good, heat effect is remarkable, but the heat treatment process is strictly controlled. Poor corrosion resistance, but with aluminum cladding can be effectively protected; welding easy to crack, but using a special process can be welded or riveted. Widely used in aircraft construction (skinning, skeletons, beam, bulkhead etc), rivet, hardware, truck wheels, propeller part and various other structures.

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