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Bar Social Function
Jun 30, 2017

Bar Social function

Social function editor

Bar as a cafe, since the birth of the social function of the bear.

The bar will often hold party activities (such as holiday parties, bachelor party, uniform party, etc.), is a lot of people in the spare time for recreation and relaxation of a good place for centuries, the British people, whether friends, colleagues chat, Businessmen will talk about business as a place of choice. The British gentleman in the minds of the world, but also here to put aside the hard work and family trouble, laughter to improve the sound three times. If lucky, even if you face the bad words of the boss, maybe he will boast you is a straightforward good brother. On the British islands, the only place to talk to strangers is the bar. Whether it is queuing to buy wine or sitting chat, as long as you are willing, you can always open your heart, and the first time to see people talk about the topic of interest. Astronomy, geography, feelings, career, as long as the other side of the same interest, you can talk on an overnight. Football can be described as the British national, the Premier League is also the most attractive topic of the bar. Every important event, there will be a large number of fans gathered in the bar for their support team cheering refueling. The bar will be arranged in advance of the big screen wall to welcome their patronage, while ready to meet a small sales peak.

Etiquette presentation editor

To our people's living standards, access to a bar can be regarded as a high-standard consumption, but never the bar as a wanton squandered and vexatious place.

Busy work, invite a few friends, to the bar to listen to song dance, but also an excellent entertainment.

In our country, the bar is, after all, a new thing. There are many aspects, it is worth our attention:

First, the bar is not a place for big feast. If you are going to treat, it is best to go to restaurants, restaurants, where far and wide variety of dishes. While the bar is usually only served with drinks and regular pastries, eat, and the bar is just an entertainment assistant.

Second, if you sing to the bar singer, you should call the waiter, let him tell your singer comments. To the singer tip, nor straightforward, the money to the singer or thrown to the stage are impolite. Should be caught in the paper money, the best hidden in a bouquet of flowers sent to the front of the singer.

Third, the bar is generally equipped with karaoke concert device, the customer can voluntarily sing their favorite tracks. Other customers sing. Should be reported to applause. To sing their own, should be informed to the service staff, singing and soundtrack when the harmony, do not wantonly indiscriminately sing.

Fourth, due to the specific atmosphere of the bar, should be particularly emphasized with the opposite sex etiquette, should pay attention to dignified and generous, polite words.

Dancing in the bar, please come with the companion is appropriate, the bar dance floor is different from the special dance, it is not for social purposes, generally do not please do not know people dance. In foreign countries, women are generally not alone to some special bar, such as striptease bar.

Fifth, the imitation of Western-style bars, counters are equipped with no one back of the single leg stool, customers can sit in front of the counter to drink.

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