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Bar The Internal Structure
May 26, 2017

 Bar  A bar is a place of consumption for alcoholic beverages such as beer, wine, wine, cocktails and so on. Bar refers to entertainment and leisure class bar, providing live band or singer, professional dance team, "dancer" performance. The senior Bar also has a bartender's wonderful fancy bartender. And Pub refers to the British wine-based bar, is a branch of BAR. There are many types of bars and styles, both the most low-end "diving it", but also for the social elite to provide entertainment and elegant places. The bar was originally derived from the Western pub in the western development of the United States, Bar to the 16th century only "drink drinks counter" this meaning, and then with the development of the times evolved to provide entertainment and other services, integrated consumption sites, about In the 1990s, it was introduced into China.

  Bar Deck

Somewhat similar to the box, generally distributed in the hall on both sides, into a semi-enclosed structure. Which has a sofa and Taiwan, the deck is to have more customers to prepare, have the lowest consumption. High-profile distribution in front of the bar or around, the bar is the kind of bartender. High platform is generally prepared for single guests.

  Bar Scattered

Generally distributed in the entire hall more remote corner or dance floor around. This is usually 2 to 5 guests.

  Wall wall

Mainly by the BSV LCD splicing screen, LCD TV, fresco composition. Can meet the guests to watch.

  Bar The bar will often organize party activities (such as holiday parties, bachelor party, uniform party, etc.), is a lot of people in the spare time for recreation and relaxation of the good place, for centuries, the British people, whether friends, colleagues chat, Businessmen will talk about business as a place of choice. The British gentleman in the minds of the world, but also here to put aside the hard work and family trouble, laughter to improve the sound three times. If lucky, even if you face the bad words of the boss, maybe he will boast you is a straightforward good brother. On the British islands, the only place to talk to strangers is the bar. Whether it is queuing to buy wine or sitting chat, as long as you are willing, you can always open your heart, and the first time to see people talk about the topic of interest. Astronomy, geography, feelings, career, as long as the other side of the same interest, you can talk on an overnight. Football can be described as the British national ball, the Premier League is also the most attractive topic of the bar. Every time there are important events, there will be a large number of fans gathered in the bar for their support team cheering refueling. The bar will arrange a large screen wall in advance to welcome their patronage, while ready to meet a small sales peak.

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