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Carbon Steel Pipe Anti - Corrosion Straight Seam Steel Pipe Coating In The Coating Process To Pay Attention To The Problem
Jul 27, 2017

Carbon Steel Pipe Anti - corrosion straight seam steel pipe coating in the coating process to pay attention to the problem

Anti - corrosion straight seam steel pipe coating in the coating process to pay attention to the problem

Anticorrosion straight seam steel pipe coating In the coating process, the quality of the project will often show the subject, is the coating bite the bottom, part of the bubble, and even the bottom of the film lost with the output. The cause of this weather is:

(1) coating supporting the function is not good, primer and finish is not complete. Apply a coating with a strong polar solvent to the surface of the coating made of a weaker solvent. Such as in the upper alkyd paint or grease paint plus nitro-based paint; rosin-containing resin film coated with a thick paint; paint on the oil paint alkyd paint; in the alkyd or grease coated with oxidized rubber coating, Polyurethane coatings and so on. The penetration and swelling of the strong solvent on the film causes the base coating to bite.

(2) coating is not dry to paint the next paint. Such as vinyl chloride enamel or varnish is not dry, plus the second coating. (3) in the paint or paint the next coat, the choice of too thin thinner, the bottom of the paint swelling.

For the reasons for the above growth, we may wish to organize the following procedures to control:

(1) Seriously coated with paint instructions. Ordinary similar coatings can be set with each other. (Epoxy, polyurethane, etc.), paint with a weak solubility of the paint (chlorinated rubber, alkyd, phenolic, etc.), the use of paint, In the rosin resin film coated with a large paint is split appropriate, to paint, must be selected by grinding control, brushing the filter layer, dry and then use a clean cloth to remove the surface of the leaked particles, sandpaper polished, and then painted Big paint

(2) the paint to dry, according to the best coating interval implementation, must reach the minimum coating interval. In the winter when the start, may be appropriate to delay the coating interval to ensure that the bottom of the paint Shi Shi. For the special type of paint, can be used "wet touch wet" coating process, in the first layer of paint is not dry immediately coated with a layer, can be popular coating adhesion.

(3) The coating used in the coating is not more than 5% of the total coating, the variety in the coating process should be fixed, not in the bottom with weak polar diluent, the upper coating with strong polar solvents, such as acetone , Esters and high boiling aromatic solvents.

(4) for the defensive bite, the first should be thinner coating, to be fully dry and then painted the second paint, not a coating too thick, so that the solvent can not be volatile, to extend the drying time.

(5) on the outbreak of "bite the bottom" of the shortcomings of the paint, can not be rejuvenated to cover and decorate function. Should be shoveled bite at the end of the coating. Complement and reform package. On the primer is not dry situation, until the primer dry and then painted finish.

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