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Carbon Steel Pipe Carbon Steel Pipe Different
Jun 30, 2017

Carbon Steel Pipe Carbon steel pipe different

Carbon steel pipe how to produce the knowledge to introduce you According to the different carbon steel pipe, the requirements of the different methods of processing steel is not the same. But most of the steel processing are steel through the pressure processing, so that the steel was plastic deformation. According to the steel processing temperature is not the same as the cold and cold processing of two kinds of hot processing. Here we come to understand what methods can be processed out of steel.

1, carbon steel pipe can be rolled

This method is the steel metal blank through a pair of rotating roll gap, when the roll by the compression of the material to reduce the cross-section, the length of the pressure to make the steel to achieve the desired effect. Cold-drawn steel This is the most commonly used production of steel production methods, mainly used to produce steel sheet, profiles, pipe.

2, carbon steel pipe can be forged steel Donghui introduction

Mainly by the use of forging hammer reciprocating impact or press the pressure to change the blank to the desired shape and size of a pressure processing methods. Generally divided into forging and free forging, often used for the production of large profiles, billet and other cross-section steel material larger material.

3, carbon steel pipe can pull steel

Simply put, is to have rolled metal blank through the die hole drawn into a reduced cross-section, the length of the processing methods, mostly used for cold processing.

4, carbon steel pipe can be squeezed

The steel puts the metal in a closed squeeze, and the pressure is applied at one end to squeeze the metal out of the specified die hole to obtain a finished product of the same shape and size. It is used to produce non-ferrous metal material.

A kind of seamless carbon steel pipe performance is good or bad, always use some indicators to reflect, we usually use its chemical composition, the mechanical properties of the value to reflect its quality and performance in accordance with the steel alloy elements added , We can simply divide the steel into three categories: carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel.

  Seamless carbon steel pipe: the alloy element is only C, Si, Mn, P, S five, according to P, S impurity content level, is divided into carbon steel (P, S generally ≤ 0.040%), and excellent carbon steel (P, S generally ≤ 0.03%), common steel are: carbon steel: Q215A.Q235BF, excellent carbon steel: 20 # .45 # .16Mn seamless steel pipe.

  Seamless carbon steel pipe is the raw material round tube, round tube embryo to be cut through the cutting machine into a length of about 1 meter of the blank, and sent to the furnace by the conveyor belt heating. After perforation, round tube billet has been three roll inclined rolling, rolling or extrusion. After the extrusion to be detached. Sizing machine through the cone-shaped high-speed rotation into the steel embryo perforation, the formation of steel pipe. The inner diameter of the seamless carbon steel pipe is determined by the length of the outside diameter of the drill bit.

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