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Comment: All Kinds Of Domestic Chemical Fiber Raw Material Prices
Dec 05, 2016

On January 13, the PTA prices continue to rise, MEG prices up again, half-bright polyester chips, big bright polyester chip prices rose slightly, CDP slicing prices up, PET bottle chip price hikes. 1.5Dx38mm acrylic staple fiber, acrylic 3Dx102mm price adjustment, CPL, nylon 6 chips continue to raise prices. POY try for production and marketing as well as PTA under the strong gains yesterday, today, sheng, jiaxing polyester market trading atmosphere keep good posture, price presents a wide range of rally.

From overall city condition see, currently downstream cloth city in traditional festival zhiqian of light city market, but downstream weaving made manufacturers, and added play Enterprise boot rate tried to maintained, and again added spinning factory polyester silk inventory always in partial low level, part specifications even appeared supply, currently chemical fiber spinning factory push rose wishes strongly, so, in cost pull, factors of common role zhixia, short-term within polyester silk market also will has pulled of trend. Viscose staple prices still higher Center of gravity. Polyester staple fiber prices maintain upward trend.

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