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DIN1.4542 Precipitation Hardening Martensitic Stainless Steel
Feb 16, 2017

Basic Info

Model NO.: DIN1.4542, UNS S17400, 630, 17-4PH

Standard: AISI, JIS, DIN, EN

Certification: ISO, SGS

Technique: Forged, Rolled

Size Range: 50-420mm

Surface Condition: Black, Grinded, Peeled, Rough Turned, Polished

MOQ: 1t

Specification: DIN1.4542, UNS S17400, 630, 17-4PH

HS Code: 7228600000

Type: Stainless Steel Bars

Grade: High Quality Steel

Shape: Round, Flat, Square.

Surface Treatment: Black, Grinded, Peeled, Rough Turned, Polished

Steel-Making Condition: Ef, Ef/Eaf+Lf+Vd, Ef/Eaf+E

Delivery Condition: Annealed, Quenched + Tempered

Product Description

DIN1.4542 Precipitation Hardening Martensitic Stainless Steel


Similar Grade: DIN1.4542, UNS S17400, 630, 17-4PH, X5CrNiCuNb 16-4


Shape: round, flat, square.


Size Range:

Diameter(mm)Thickness (mm)Width (mm)Length(mm)





Steel-making Condition: EF, EF/EAF+LF+VD, EF/EAF+ESR

Delivery Condition:

Annealed , Quenched + Tempered

Surface Condition: 

Black, Grinded, Peeled, Rough turned, Polished



1. Competitive price

2. Immediate delivery

3. Premium quality

4. Reliable service


Packing detailsIn seaworthy packing, as your requirement.

Delivery detailswithin 30-50 days


Chemical Composition:




max0.030max0.035 max1.0







Heat Treatment:

Solution treatment (Condition A): Grade 630 stainless steels are heated at 1040°C for 0.5 h, then air-cooled to 30°C. Small sections of these grades can be oil quenched.

Cold Working: Alloy 17-4PH has limited cold forming properties. Cold forming can only be undertaken on plates in the fully annealed condition. Stress corrosion resistance is enhanced by re-aging at the precipitation hardening temperature after cold working.

Hot Forming: Heat uniformly at 1742-2192°F (950-1200°C). A full solution anneal, cooling lower than 76°F (25°C) and aging at the required temperature must occur after hot forming. The post forming heat treatment should be a function of the desired mechanical properties.

Annealing: 440C stainless steel is annealed at 843-871°C (1550-1600°F) followed by slowly cooling in the furnace.

Hardening: Grade 630 stainless steels are age-hardened at low temperatures to achieve the required mechanical properties. During the process, superficial discoloration occurs followed by shrinkage at 0.10% for condition H1150, and 0.05% for condition H900.

Welding: Alloy 17-4PH can be readily welded by most standard processes including SMAW, GTAW, PAW and GMAW.

Machinability: Alloy 17-4PH can be machined in both the solution treated and

precipitation hardened conditions. Machining characteristics may vary according to the hardness of the metal. High speed tools are acceptable, but carbide tools are preferred. Standard lubrication should be used. Dimensional changes as a result heat treatment should be taken into account if very stringent tolerances are required.


 Aerospace-structural and parts

 Biomedical-hand tools

 Chemical Processing

 Food Process Equipment

 Gate Valves

 Mechanical Components

 Nuclear Waste Processing and Storage

 Oil and Gas Production-foils, helicopter deck platforms, etc.

 Pulp and Paper-paper mill equipment




Product Description:

1. Alloy 1.4542 (UNS S17400), Type 630, is a chromium-nickel-copper precipitation hardening martensitic stainless steel with an addition of niobium. 17-4PH combines high strength and hardness with good corrosion resistance.

The alloy is furnished in the solution annealed condition (Condition A). It should not be used at temperatures above 572°F (300°C) or for cryogenic service. Optimal mechanical properties can be obtained by subjecting the alloy to age hardening heat treatments. Heat treatment in the 900°F (482°C) range produces the highest strength.

2. The corrosion resistance of Alloy 1.4542 is comparable to 304 stainless steel in most environments and is generally superior to the 400 series stainless steels. It is used in applications where the combination of moderate corrosion resistance and unusually high strength are required.

3. Alloy 1.4542 can be easily welded and processed by standard shop fabrication practices.

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