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Seamless Steel Pipe The Production Process
May 26, 2017

  Seamless Steel Pipe Fluid Seamless Steel Tubes have hollow sections, which are used as pipelines for conveying fluids, such as pipelines for the transportation of oil, natural gas, gas, water and certain solid materials. Steel and round steel and other solid steel compared to the same bending strength, the weight is light, is an economic section of steel, widely used in the manufacture of structural parts and mechanical parts, such as oil drill pipe, car drive shaft, bicycle Frame construction and steel scaffolds used in the construction of steel ring parts, can improve the utilization of materials, simplify the manufacturing process, saving materials and processing time, has been widely used to manufacture steel.

  Seamless Steel Pipe Seamless steel pipe is widely used. General use of seamless steel pipe from the ordinary carbon structural steel, low alloy structural steel or alloy structural steel rolling, the largest output, mainly used for conveying fluid pipe or structural parts. .2, according to the use of different sub-three supply: a, according to chemical composition and mechanical properties of supply; b, according to the mechanical properties of supply; c, according to the hydraulic test supply. According to a, b class supply of steel pipe, such as for the use of liquid pressure, but also for water pressure test. 3, the special purpose of the seamless pipe with a seamless pipe, chemical power, geological seamless steel pipe and seamless use of oil and so on.

  ① hot-rolled seamless steel pipe main production process (△ main inspection process):

Tube blank preparation and inspection △ → tube heating → perforation → rolling → steel pipe reheating → set (minus) diameter → heat treatment △ → finished pipe straightening → finishing → inspection △ (lossless, physical and chemical, Taiwan inspection) → storage

  ② cold-rolled (pull) seamless steel pipe main production process:

Ingredients → Pickling Lubrication → Cold Rolling → Heat Treatment → Straightening → Finishing → Inspection

  Seamless Steel Pipe The production process of seamless steel pipe can be divided into cold drawing and hot rolling two kinds of cold-rolled seamless steel pipe production process is generally more complex than the hot-rolled, the first tube to be three-roll rolling, after extrusion to be carried out Sizing test, if the surface is not responding to the crack after the tube to go through the cutting machine for cutting, cutting into a length of about one meter of the blank. And then into the annealing process, the use of acidic acid for acid pickling, pickling should pay attention to whether the surface of a large number of foaming produce, if there is a large number of blistering that the quality of steel pipe can not meet the corresponding standards. The appearance of cold-rolled seamless steel pipe is shorter than hot-rolled seamless steel pipe, cold-rolled seamless steel pipe wall thickness is generally smaller than the hot-rolled seamless steel pipe, but the surface looks thicker than thick-walled seamless steel pipe, the surface is not too More rough, caliber no too much burr.

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