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Stainless Steel Pipe Basic Requirements For Anti - Corrosion Construction
Jul 12, 2017

Stainless Steel Pipe Basic requirements for anti - corrosion construction

Standard Requirements for Corrosion Protection of Stainless Steel Tubes

1, the processing of components and finished products, should be accepted after passing, before the appearance of disposal.

2, the appearance of stainless steel pipe burr, welding skin, welding tumor, splash, dust and fouling, etc., should be cleaned before the rust, while the eradication of loose oxide and thicker rust layer.

3, stainless steel pipe appearance If oil and grease, should be cleaned before the rust. Such as only part of the area of oil and grease, usually available part of the disposal method; such as large area or all the area have, you can use organic solvents or hot alkali for cleaning.

4, stainless steel pipe appearance on the acid, alkali, salt, you can use hot water or steam rinse off. But should pay attention to the disposal of waste water, can not cause pollution of the environment.

5, some of the new rolling of stainless steel pipe, in order to avoid in the short term storage and transportation process is not rust, and coated with protective paint. For stainless steel tubing coated with protective paint, depending on the circumstances. Such as curing paint curing agent curing two-component coating, and the coating is basically no shortage, you can use emery cloth, stainless steel tube velvet hair or the use of mild hair spray disposal methods, and sort out the dust, you can proceed to the next process construction The

6, the stainless steel pipe surface coating shop primer or usually the primer for curing the coating, usually according to the status of the coating and the next road with paint treatment solution. Where not for further coating or affect the next coating adhesion, should be fully cleared. Selection of stainless steel pipe construction fire retardant coating,

Need special attention to the following:

1, do not put the decorative type of fire retardant coating for stainless steel tube structure, decorative type of fire retardant coating is to maintain the wood structure and other combustible materials, flame retardant materials, thin coating can not improve the stainless steel pipe structure refractory limit intent.

2, should not be thin-coated stainless steel tube structure expansion of fire retardant coating for the maintenance of more than 2h stainless steel tube structure. Need more than 2h refractory stainless steel tube structure, must use thick coating type stainless steel tube structure fire insulation coating.

3, shall not be indoor stainless steel tube structure fire retardant coating, without improvement and adoption of useful waterproofing method, directly used for spraying and maintenance of outdoor stainless steel tube structure.

4, in general, the indoor stainless steel tube structure fire maintenance do not choose outdoor stainless steel pipe structure fire retardant coating, in order to ensure the outdoor stainless steel pipe structure fire protection fine function, the original information needs to be severe, and need to use some special information, so its offer It is much more expensive than a stainless steel tube. But on the semi-open air or some humid environment of the stainless steel tube structure, it is appropriate to use outdoor stainless steel pipe structure fire retardant coating maintenance.

5, thick coating type fire retardant paint basically composed of inorganic materials, coating stability, aging slow, just do not fall coating, fire function is guaranteed. From the durability and fire safety thinking, should use thick coating type fire retardant coating. Construction of stainless steel tube construction system is a commonly used stainless steel tube construction, mostly for large-span public construction, industrial plants and some of the construction space, the construction of the body, the construction of special needs of the buildings and structures, such as theaters, shopping malls, Gymnasium, railway station, exhibition hall, shipyard, aircraft factory, parking garage, warehouse, industrial workshop, power plant boiler frame, etc., and in the high-rise and high-rise construction has been more and more widely used, Tube structure and shelter system, more and more attention has been everyone. Construction of stainless steel tube structure system can usually be divided into single-layer single-span, single-layer multi-span and multi-layer multi-span and other construction methods to meet the needs of different construction and function.

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