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Steel City Short-term Stability-oriented Textile Enterprises To Appropriate Preparation
Dec 05, 2016
In the case of energy saving and emission reduction, power outages, limited production, some enterprises of steel production declined slightly, but the steel production maintained a rising trend. It is understood that September domestic steel production was 47.95 million tons, down 5.9%; average daily crude steel production of 1.5983 million tons, lower than in August as 67,500 tons crude steel per month, and production has hit a new low for the year. September, steel output was 45.7 million tons of pig iron and 65.43 million tons, down 6% and 4.5%. 2010 4, China's "energy-saving emission reduction, rationing" limit the effects fade away, iron and steel enterprises to resume production, with steel iron ore restocking demand "winter" demand will boost iron ore demand recovers, but obviously excessive global liquidity, commodity under the environment of rising iron ore prices are likely to continue to rise in the four quarter.

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