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Tin Plays What Role In The Stainless Steel
Dec 05, 2016

In stainless steel material in the has various of metal, which on contains "Tin elements", and most will think "Tin" is steel in the of harmful elements, but "Tin" is to middle phase and solid dissolved form exists Yu steel among, to up to increased steel of tensile strength and hardness of role, to reduced its impact value and rushed pulled performance, but for low carbon steel of processing performance exists bad factors, is caused just brittle of reasons one of. But in austenitic stainless steel AISI 304 and AISI 316 medium, Cu and Sn in coordination with each other, making stainless steels in dilute sulfuric acid and organic environment played a good amount of chlorate resistance to corrosion. Experiments show that, with the increase of Tin content, can reduce the speed of corrosion, rust-resistant properties of Tin-bearing steel have a high, but also prove that Sn, Cu oxide layer forms, Sb mutual coordination, which have very good corrosion resistance

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