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Titanium Pipe By Heat Treatment
Aug 10, 2017

Titanium Pipe By heat treatment

The titanium tube removes the residue by heat treatment

    When the hydrogen content in the titanium tube is too large, the impact toughness and the notched tensile strength decrease sharply due to the brittle, so the hydrogen content in the titanium tube is not more than 0.015%. In order to reduce the amount of hydrogen absorption, parts in the heat treatment should be removed before the fingerprint, rolling mill mark, grease and other residues, heat treatment furnace atmosphere without water vapor. If the hydrogen content of the titanium tube exceeds the allowable value, it must be removed by vacuum annealing. The vacuum annealing of hydrogen is generally maintained at a pressure of 538-760 ° C and below 0.066 Pa for 2-4 hours.

Titanium tube

When the temperature does not exceed 540 ℃, the oxide film on the surface of the titanium tube will not be significantly thickened, and at higher heat treatment temperature (above 760 ℃), the oxidation rate will accelerate rapidly, and oxygen will expand into the material to form diffusion layer - Pollution layer. The oxygen contaminant layer has a high brittle ratio that causes cracks and damage to the surface of the part. (Such as sandblasting, house cutting, etc.), or pickling, chemical milling and other chemical methods, in the heat treatment, the heating time should be to ensure that the heat treatment of meteorites under the premise of as short as possible, but also in the Vacuum furnace or inert gas (argon, nitrogen, etc.) in a heating furnace. Appropriate use can also avoid or reduce the titanium tube parts in the air furnace when the heat generated by the pollution.

   Titanium tube surface alloying can also be called a kind of coating, it is coated with titanium oxide coating on the oxide, compared with the strong bonding, wear resistance, corrosion resistance and so on. Compared with titanium palladium alloy, palladium surface content is high, saving precious metal palladium, reducing the cost, but also has excellent performance.

    Titanium tube surface aluminizing can reduce the tendency of hydrogen absorption of titanium, 88% of alumina, 4% aluminum fluoride and 8% aluminum powder mixed in the titanium workpiece is the best aluminizing conditions, the temperature of 810 ℃ The The thickness and structure of the aluminized layer depend on the holding time. The use of encapsulated infiltration of aluminum, short-term diffusion can be about 2 mm thick thin coating, good adhesion, does not affect the mechanical properties of the matrix. The coating consists essentially of titanium oxide, forming a barrier that is very effective in preventing hydrogen permeation.

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