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Titanium Pipe Extrusion Process
Jun 30, 2017

Titanium Pipe Extrusion process

1. Seamless titanium tube corrosion resistance. Seamless titanium tube made of extrusion process, welding titanium tube made of sheet metal after welding. General seamless titanium tube wall thickness is relatively small, caliber is relatively small. Titanium in the air below 550 ℃, the surface will quickly form a thin and dense titanium oxide film, so in the atmosphere, sea water, nitric acid and sulfuric acid and other oxidizing media and alkali, the corrosion resistance is better than most of the stainless steel.

 2. Seamless titanium tube. Titanium tube (titaniumtube) high strength. Titanium alloy has a high strength, the tensile strength of 686-1176MPa, while the density is only about 60% of steel, so the high strength

3. Seamless titanium tube hardness is higher. Titanium alloy (annealed) hardness HRC is 32-38.

 4. High temperature and low temperature performance. At present, the working temperature of the new heat-resistant titanium alloy can reach 550-600 ℃. At low temperature, the strength of titanium alloy increases at room temperature and has good toughness. The low-temperature titanium alloy can maintain good at -253 ℃ toughness. Seamless titanium tube at high temperatures, titanium alloy can still maintain good mechanical properties, the heat resistance is higher than the aluminum alloy, and the working temperature range is wide.

 5. Seamless titanium tube with low elastic modulus. Titanium alloy (annealed) elastic modulus of 1.078 × 10-1.176 × 10MPa, about half of steel and stainless steel. Implementation of the standard: ASTMB337, ASTMB338, ASTMB338B861

The function of titanium alloy not only has the advantages of high specific strength, non-magnetic and corrosion resistance of titanium and titanium alloy, but also has special use function, so it is widely used in medical, energy and automatic control. The application scope is increasing and the importance is increasing increase.

Titanium alloys with certain special functions. Mainly titanium nickel-shaped shape memory alloy, titanium-based hydrogen storage alloy, titanium niobium superconducting alloy, bio-engineering titanium alloy. Titanium-nickel shape memory alloy is a kind of Ti-Ni, Ti-Ni-X (X is a small amount of aluminum, iron, cobalt, platinum, palladium, copper) in the shape memory alloy series with good memory effect and practicability. ). Titanium nickel shape memory alloy in addition to shape memory materials applications, but also for the superelastic materials, bio-engineering materials, wear-resistant materials.

The bio-engineering titanium alloy is a kind of bio-engineering metal material with good corrosion resistance and low density, and has two kinds of dense and porous states. Ti-6Al-4V, Ti-5Al-2.5Fe and Ti-Ni are used More common, most of the use of titanium bone, bone plate, medical orthopedic rods, orthopedic silk, implanted root, blood filters, medical equipment.

Titanium-based hydrogen storage alloy is more mature titanium iron and manganese. Titanium iron and manganese hydrogen storage alloy can be activated at room temperature, hydrogen absorption and hydrogen release. Titanium iron and manganese alloy source of raw materials rich, low cost, made of hydrogen fuel storage has been in the automotive and other aspects of trial.

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