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Titanium Pipe Titanium Industry
Jul 12, 2017

Titanium Pipe Titanium industry

China's titanium production has been in the peak of the top of the peak area, from the long-term, overall point of view, has shown a "curved top" + "down channel" trend, but does not rule out fluctuations in individual years of recovery. At present, China's titanium industry was ten development trends:

One is effective in resolving excess capacity. At this stage, China's titanium industry needs to follow the development of the law of reduction, in strict accordance with the "elimination of a number of groups, digestion, integration of a number of restructuring," the relevant provisions of the transformation and development. Although the price of titanium has rebounded, but the overall is still at a low level, the main reason is that excessive excess capacity of titanium, so the elimination of excess capacity is the top priority of the development of titanium industry.

The second is to create ultra-international competitiveness of the industry. Titanium industry is the future of China's manufacturing industry in the ultra-international competitiveness of the industry, this need to accelerate the titanium industry innovation capacity-building, including theoretical innovation, business model innovation, technological innovation and management innovation. The same time as the above-

Third, the full development of green titanium. Titanium industry innovation and development, transformation and upgrading of the core is the development of green, titanium enterprises must meet the promulgated by the laws and regulations and the relevant provisions of the request, accept the government and the people of the joint supervision. Therefore, the current elimination of backward production capacity is mainly dependent on environmental standards, but to resolve production capacity and green titanium can be synchronized. The same time as the above-

Fourth, the transformation and upgrading of intelligent manufacturing. Intelligent manufacturing on the one hand to speed up the transformation and upgrading of titanium industry to lead the titanium products to the high-end development, on the other hand can greatly enhance the quality and efficiency of enterprise development. However, the key to the R & D and innovation of the titanium industry is the construction of qualified personnel. As the production environment of titanium is relatively difficult, the employment prospect is not optimistic. The number of relevant professional admissions is gradually reduced. Therefore, improving the production environment and improving the intelligence level of the industry is imminent. The same time as the above-

Five is to increase the effective supply. The increase in effective supply depends on new products, new technologies and services introduced by titanium companies, as well as low-cost strategies based on sustainable low cost. And improve the quality of varieties, reduce energy consumption, improve the effective supply of supply side is the most important reform. The same time as the above-

Six is to optimize the industrial layout. Titanium industry layout should adhere to the "area, more, network", that is, along the coastal areas to accelerate the development of the Mainland environment and resources with more layout, for downstream users to provide network services. And gradually promote the steady development of titanium coastal layout strategy, deep-level adjustment and optimization of titanium industry development layout, the transformation of titanium industry, reloading significant significance. The same time as the above-

Seven is to accelerate the pace of joint reorganization. At present, China's titanium industry concentration is only about 30%, significantly lower. Therefore, the joint reorganization of large-scale titanium enterprises not only meet the objective requirements of industrial transformation and upgrading, but also in the titanium supply side of the reform to increase the effective supply, is conducive to the healthy and stable development of titanium market. The same time as the above-

Eight is to promote open development. To seize the "one by one" development opportunities in the resource development, industrial transfer, titanium trade disputes, technology and equipment output and other aspects of the formation of China's titanium industry is conducive to the trade order, reduce trade friction, the formation of cooperation and win-win situation The The same time as the above-

Nine is to strengthen the protection of resources. At present, China's ilmenite and high-quality coking coal is still largely dependent on imports, so the titanium industry critical, strategic resources, the need to further improve the protection.

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