EN10216-2 X10CrMoVNb9-1 Seamless Steel Tubes For Pressure Purposes

EN10216-2 X10CrMoVNb9-1 Seamless Steel Tubes For Pressure Purposes

EN10216-2 X10CrMoVNb9-1 Seamless Steel Tubes For Pressure Purposes OD:DN1/8" --36" OD:2--150MM L:6-12M
Product description


Article 1.


1.1 Seamless steel tubes grade X10CrMoVNb9-1; Hot finished; acc. to EN 10216-2/TC2 (2003) and PED


1.2 Heat treatment acc. to EN 10216-2 table 1根据EN 10216-2表1做热处理

1.3 Surface condition 100% ground surface inside and outside 内外表面100%抛光

1.4 Chemical composition acc. to EN 10216-2化学成分: C=0,08-0,12%, Si=0,2-0,50%, Mn=0,30-0,60%, P=max.0.020%, S=max. 0.010%,Cr=8,0-9,50%, Mo=0,85–1,05%, Ni=max0,40%, Al=max0,040%, Cu=max0.30,Nb=0,06-0,10%, V=0,18-0,25%, N = 0,05 – 0,07 %

1.4.1 Customer requirement for chemical composition: limited N content 0,05 to 0,07客户特别要求N 0.05-0.07

1.5 Mechanical properties acc. to EN 10216-2:EN 10216-2力学性能

Rm: min. 630 MPa max. 830 MPa

ReH: min. 450 MPa

Rp0,2 at elevated temperature 550°C: min. 270 MPa, 高温拉伸550°C,270 MPa

Elongation A: min. 19% (longitudinal direction of testing) or min. 17% (transverse direction of testing)

延伸率:min 19%(纵向)或者min17%(横向)

Impact test KV: min 40J (longitudinal direction of testing) or min 27J (transverse direction of testing)


1.6 Dimensional tolerances: has to be done acc. to EN 10216-2 table 7.根据EN 10216-2表7尺寸要求

1.6.1 Outside diameter ± 1% 外径± 1%

1.6.2 Wall thickness ± 10 % optional request壁厚± 10 %

1.7 Tube length: 长度7-8.3米

1.8 Tube ends: plain, vertically cut to the tube axis平口

1.9 Repairs by welding prohibited.补焊是不允许的

1.11 Requirements for Inspection documents for finished tubes 成品管检验文件要求

1.11.1 Inspection documents acc. to EN 10204/3.1 in English 检验文件根据EN 10214/3.1要求英文

1.11.1.A All requested test results acc. to article 2 of this appendix must be written in the Inspection


1.11.1.B From the Inspection certificate has to obvious from which exact tube samples ware taken

(see tube number in article 3).检验文件要明显体现确切所取管样性能

1.11.1.C Test results in the inspection documents must indicate direction of testing and specimen size and testing temperature.



1.11.1.D Non destructive testing must contain testing standard and acceptance levels.无损检测必须包含检测标准和接受等级。

1.11.1.E Hydrostatics pressure test must be described by max. pressure and holding time (example 26MPa/15 s) 水压测试必须写明最大压力和保压时间(例 26Mpa/15S)

1.11.1.F Heat treatment must be fully described: temperature, holding time and cooling method/medium

(Normalizing: temperature/time/cooling medium, and tempering: temperature/time/cooling medium)


1.11.2 Testing reports, confirmed by third party for all test 测试报告经第三方检验确认

Article 2.


2.1 All mandatory tests acc. to EN 10216-2 tab. 13, test category 2

所有必须的测试要按照EN 10216-2表13,测试目录2

2.1.1 Complete tensile test acc. to EN 10002-1 at room temperature (two tensile test per one test unit*).

EN 10002-1室温拉伸(每个测试样2个)

2.1.2 Complete impact test acc. to EN 10045-1 at room temperature (two [one test contain 3 tests specimen]

impact test per one test unit*).

EN 10045-1室温冲击(每个测试样2个[每个测试3个测试样])

2.1.3 NDT instead of the Hydrostatic test, the value can be shown in the MTC.


2.1.4 100% UT for detection of longitudinal imperfections acc. to EN 10246-7/U2/C

EN 10246-7/U2/C 100% UT 纵向

2.1.5 100 % Dimensional and visual control. 100%尺寸外观检查

2.1.6 100 % Material identification. 100% 材质鉴定

* Note: Test unit: acc. to EN 10216-2 (all paragraph 10 + tab. 14 )

Test unit shall comprise tubes of the same specified diameter and wall thickness, the same steel grade, the

same heat No. and cast, the same manufacturing process, subjected to same finishing heat treatment, but

max. 50 pcs

2.2 Optional tests acc. to EN 10216-2 tab. 13, test category 2

EN 10216-2表13测试目录2

2.2.1 Option 3: Product chemical analysis 化学分析

(one test per one the same dimension and the same heat number).一个尺寸,一个炉号一个样品

2.2.2 Option 6: tensile test acc. to EN 10002-5 at elevated temperature 550°C

(one test per one the same dimension, the same heat number the same heat treatment).

EN 10002-5 550°C 拉伸 同个尺寸,同个炉号,同个热处理号一个

2.2.3 Option 8: 100% UT for detection of transverse imperfections acc. to EN 10246-6/U2/C

EN 10246-6/U2/C 100% 横向UT

2.2.4 Option 9: 100% UT for detection of laminar imperfections acc. to EN 10246-14/U2

EN 10246-14/U2 100% 分层UT

Article 3.


3.1 Marking has to be permanent and readable. Marking has to be done by anti-stress stamp machine. Marking

must be demarkationed by paint frame.

3.2 No Chinese marks, letters or symbols are allowed in the marking of product, packages, bundles.

3.3 Each tube to be marked indicating: 打标

Dimension - X10CrMoVNb9-1 - EN 10216-2 - TC2 - Heat No. - Tube Number - Tube length

Note: Tube number, that means all tubes have to have own number (for example 001, 002, 003, etc…)

3.4 Each wooden pack or bundel, if used, has to be marked by plastic label indicating: dimension – grade – heat

number – tube length – tube number – pcs – m – weight – date of packing.

Labes cannot contain Chinese symbols.

Article 4.


4.1 Hundred percent (100%) of test samples for mechanical tests and chemical analysis test must be taken under

“Inspection Institution” supervision.

4.2 Hundred percent (100%) of mechanical and chemical analysis tests will be done under “Inspection Institution”supervision.

4.3 All Test reports must be confirmed (signed and stamped) by Inspection Institution. This test reports will be

applied by issuing of Inspection certificates acc. EN 10204/3.1 for final products.

4.4 Inspection institution (third party) will be chosen by the Buyer.


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