Stainless Steel Clad Plate Tube Sheet

Stainless Steel Clad Plate Tube Sheet

A tube sheet is a plate, sheet, or bulkhead which is perforated with a pattern of holes designed to accept pipes or tubes. These sheets are used to support and isolate tubes in heat exchangers and boilers or to support filter elements. Depending on the application, a tube sheet may be made of various metals or of resin composites or plastic. A sheet tube may be covered in a cladding material which serves as a corrosion barrier and insulator and may also be fitted with a galvanic anode. Tube sheets may be used in pairs in heat exchange applications or singularly when supporting elements in a filter. The tube sheets used in heat exchanges and boilers are often clad with an insulating layer which also serves to protect against corrosion. To further protect the tube sheet from rust, a sacrificial or galvanic anode may also be attached to the surface of the sheet. Tube sheets are also used on cartridge-type filter devices to support the individual filter elements. They are similar in design to the high heat boiler varieties except they are typically made of resin composites or plastic and are generally used as single units. There are usually fewer tubes involved in a filter application although the tube sheet design still has to be carefully calculated to ensure optimal performance. The material of clad plate: 1.Titanium clad plate: Titanium alloy +stainless steel / alloy steel / Nickel based alloy 2.Stainless steel clad plate 3.Copper alloy clad plate: Bronze(aluminium bronze), cupronickel 4.Nickel based alloy clad plate The material of tube sheet: alloy steel, stainless steel, titanium, nickel based alloy (Incoloy800,800HT etc.)
Product description


material: Titanium + stainless steel ,Carbon steels

                Stainless steels

                Duplex steels

                Alloy steels

                Nickel alloys

                Non-ferrous materials ( Cu-Ni 90/10 & Cu-Ni 70/30) and titanium.

                Clad material

Thickness from 4.8mm to 25.4mm

Widths to 3048mm

Lengths to 6000mm

Surface grinding 

Normalizing & Solution anneal

Ultrasonic testing


Roll clad plate

Blasting clad plate


. High quality

. Reliable

. Efficient


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