ASTM A691,11/4Cr,21/4Cr,5Cr Welded Pipe

ASTM A691,11/4Cr,21/4Cr,5Cr Welded Pipe

ASTM A691,1 1/4Cr,2 1/4Cr,5Cr welded pipe SAWL steel pipe: OD: 406mm to 1626mm  Wall Thickness: 6mm to 50mm  Maximum Length: 12.5M
Product description
  • Perfect JCOE straight seam submerged arc welding pipe production and testing equipment:

  • Major Products

    SAWL steel pipe:

    OD: 406mm to 1626mm 

    Wall Thickness: 6mm to 50mm 

    Maximum Length: 12.5M

    SAWL T-Pipe:

    OD: 406mm to 1626mm 

    Wall Thickness: 6mm to 100mm

    Production equipments and ability

    One set of JCOE forming Submerged Arc Welded Steel Pipe Production Line:

    OD: OD: 406mm to 1626mm 

    Wall Thickness: 6mm to 50mm 

    Maximum Length: 12.5M, Annual Capacity: 150,000MT

    One set of JCEO forming Submerged Arc Welded Steel Pipe Production Line(For Extra Thickness Wall ): 

    OD: 400mm to 2000mm 

    Wall Thickness: 40mm to 100mm,Maximum Length:6.25M

    Three sets of JCEO forming Submerged Arc Welded Steel Pipe Production Line(For Extra Longness): 

    OD: 450mm-3250mm

    Wall Thickness: 8mm-30mm

    Maximum Length: 6M

    10 Sets of Conventional  Rolling Submerged Arc Welded Steel Pipe Production Line: 

    Rolling Wideness: 1.5M,2M,2.5M,3M,

    Rolling Diameter: 400mm-4500mm,

    Wall Thickness: 3mm-100mm


    Testing equipments

    1, Spectrum Analyzer

    2, Hardness Tester

    3, Pendulum Impact Tester

    4, Drop Hammer Impact Tester

    5, Metallographic Microscope Tester

    6, Low Temperature Tank

    7, Impact Gap Broaching Machine

    8, Universal Tensile Tester

    9, Ultrasonic Tester for Steel Plate

    10, Online X-Ray Photographic  

    11, Offline Ultrasonic Tester for Welding Seam

    12, Hydraulic Pressure Tester


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